Tofu Sisig + Garlic Greens + Rice

Vegetarian sisig, with leafy greens in garlic sautee and brown rice.

Moroccan Kabab + Rice + Green Salad

3 roasted BBQ sticks with refreshing greens and flavorful brown rice.

Cauliflower 'Buffalo Wings' + Veg Tofu Tausi + Rice

Spicy-sweet and sticky cauliflower with black beans; sumptuous and full of proteins.

Adobo Crispy Langka + Smoked Talong Kinilaw + Rice

Crispy marinated jackfruit with eggplant cevice and brown rice.

Jackfruit Mushroom Stew + Falafel Balls + Rice

Indonesian inspired hearty stew in tomatoes, with crunchy spiced chickpeas and brown rice.

Laing + Mushroom Chicharon + Rice

Gabi leaf in coconut chili stew, with oyster mushroom crisps and brown rice.

Vegan Sushi + Veg Tempura + Miso Soup

A truly delicious combination of cool and warm food!