Catering ideas

You can order most of the dishes on our menu as half or whole trays. But what to choose?! Here are several ideas to create (or supplement) your gathering's food themes!

Mezze Meryenda

Have a unique snack platter with Arabic, middle eastern nibbles! Zero in on Falafel Balls and Olives. Dive in for the Moroccan Kabab and fluffy and filling Couscous Veg. Salad lovers will be happy with the fresh sticks, Baba Ghanoush and Hummus dips. Don't forget the uniquely Za'atar bread... spice up whole-wheat breath that goes with all the dips and sauces. Some Kiwi and Candied Walnuts round up the palate.

Something for everyone!

Falafel Balls with Garlic Mushroom

₱ 155.00

Moroccan Kabab with Veg Couscous

₱ 215.00

Pinoy Platter

Savor our familiar flavors, minus the vetsin, preservatives and MSG! You can truly enjoy Veggie Lumpia and Veggie Dumplings. With our house-made Garlic Chili Oil for the fiery kick, HQ Tuba Sinamak and Vegan BBQ sauce. Let the Palabok Veg be the star of the table. Breadfruit Bitterballen, a Dutch twist, brings in the meaty crunch to this fun Pinoy pakain!

Palabok Veg

₱ 145.00

Breadfruit Bitterballen

₱ 175.00

Veggie Lumpia

₱ 100.00

Veggie Dumplings

₱ 145.00

Chili Garlic Oil

200 ml - ₱ 145.00

Vegan BBQ - Regular

200 ml - ₱ 90.00

Latino Fiesta

Ola! Open with the refreshing Peruvian Quinoa Salad. Continue with a couple or so of Black Bean Sliders. Size is just perfect for tasting! So you can save room for the Falafel Arrabbiata with HQs own handmade falafel balls and vegan sauces. And if that's not enough, Spinach Quesadillas are there for the win! Creamy cheese with white onions and super-healthy Spinach slathered in whole-wheat tortillas.

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Peruvian Quinoa Salad

₱ 175.00

Veg Max Special

₱ 215.00

Sweet Treat

Top off any of this themed sets with our Beetroot Choco Lava cake (or cupcakes). Darkly sweet stuff oozing from it's chocolate cocoon, and topped with real Beetroot!

Beetroot Choco Lava Cake

₱ 720.00

Beetroot Choco Lava Cupcake

₱ 140.00

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